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Do public relations and business development have anything in common? Yes – the fact that they address the media as well as customers. While PR agencies always talk to their clients’ customers via the media, marketing and business development managers increasingly prefer to reach out to customers directly. They usually do this with the help of direct mailings, posts on their social media channels and customer events.

However, this development is based on two erroneous assumptions. The first is to assume that direct communication with the customer does not involve using media, which it clearly does. The media just have different names, such as email, the web, social media and telesales/telemarketing. The question is whether they are more credible than independent publications. A direct dialogue with the customer can only take place as a second step that after this initial contact. The second error is to believe that there is less wastage with direct communication than with the traditional media used for PR and advertising.

In the German-speaking market, exactly the opposite is true. No media landscape is more diversified than Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This is clearly demonstrated by the sheer number of publications and the fact that they often have very small print runs. In other words, they address their exact target audience – and without wastage.

For these reasons, the best strategy is to drive business development in collaboration with the specialised media. This enables companies to target their desired audience accurately while benefiting from the credibility of this type of media. With a range of options spanning targeted newsletters and other specialised publications, microsites, social media activities and specific events for customers or partners, working with the media is simply the best way to reach customers and generate leads.

With our deep knowledge of the German-language media market, we can work with you to develop the best possible media collaboration to meet your business development needs.

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