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PR in Europe

In Europe, literal translations of text or writing styles are often perceived as strange in other countries, and the interplay between marketing and PR can follow different rules. That is why phronesis-net.com consequently follows a network-based approach for successful PR.


phronesis-net.com is a network of independent PR agencies and provides comprehensive PR services across Europe. Specialised in PR for high-tech industries the members of phronesis-net.com speak your language and know the media your target-groups read.


The best image you can have in the media community is that of a journalist who thinks, acts and writes like an editor. We know how to create content that will be published in print and online.

inter-national and local

The word international is not a synonym for centralised or identical. Each news has to be localised to be considered as relevant by the respective national audience. That is why PR in Europe is inter-national and local. All members of phronesis-net.com are the communications experts for their respective home markets. Together, we optimise your communications effectiveness.